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Suzhou Longxing biology to provide high-quality customized services. Mainly focus on the following areas:
First, the synthesis of small molecule compounds. Including pharmaceutical intermediates, generic drugs, electronic chemicals, new materials and so on. Our technical team focuses on the custom synthesis and process development of complex compounds, proficient in new route design and route optimization, providing customers with high quality small molecule compounds, from milligrams to kilograms of products. Provide NMR, GC, HPLC, LC-MS and other detection maps.
Second, high-purity products custom development process. We can provide a new method of purifying the service to meet the quality requirements of the general industrialized production conditions or processes that are relatively high for the purity of the product or are required to be controlled in a specific range.
Third, the formula analysis or new formula development. Through the use of spectroscopy, chromatography, mass spectrometry, energy spectrum, thermal spectroscopy and other analytical techniques for the composition of the sample analysis, the composition of the elements or raw materials and the proportion of the product formula.

Customize business processes
1, contact us, inform your needs;
2, the same day to return customers, and provide feasibility assessment, offer and delivery;
3, signed a product commissioned custom contract;
4, map or sample customer confirmation;
5, within the specified time delivery (with relevant map);
6, customer acceptance qualified.