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First, the job name: organic chemistry synthesis researcher & nbsp; & nbsp; 2 name

Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the search of synthetic routes, related patents, and determine the synthesis process.
2. Responsible for the preparation of intermediates and finished products according to the selected synthetic process.
3. Responsible for the record of the experiment and timely collate the relevant files.
4. Responsible for the use of the equipment, equipment, cleaning, maintenance work.
5. Responsible for new products, new technology from small to mid-pilot to enlarge the middle of the specific implementation process.
6. On time to complete the other leaders issued by the other tasks to assist the higher authorities to carry out the work.

job requirements:
1. Education background (education, professional): organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, fine chemistry and other related chemical, undergraduate and above, have working experience is preferred.
2. 2, hard work, practical, serious, strong sense of responsibility, with team spirit; 3, the experimental operation of the norms, must have a clean and tidy, and have a good team of experts and equipment, Laboratory experience and good safety habits; 4, have the ability to solve the problem alone; 5, with outsourcing company work experience, engaged in heterocyclic compounds research, synthesis, impurity research, process optimization, pilot magnification and other experience is preferred.
Interested parties please send resume to:export@laingbiotec.com

Second, the job name: 1 production of chemical production
Job Responsibilities :
1, responsible for the daily management of the workshop and workshop staff management, guidance, training and evaluation;
2, responsible for the implementation of the factory production plan, material preparation, new product import preparation;
3, to complete the monthly production tasks, and do a monthly production report and the statistics;
4, the staff responsible for the daily management and responsible for its assessment;
5, workshop equipment maintenance and use of standard and on-site management;
6, responsible for the process of factory product quality control work.
1, college and above;
2, 3 years of work experience in workshop production management, familiar with the maintenance of plant equipment maintenance, chemical products production management experience, contact with powder products are preferred;
3, familiar with the product industry standards and norms, production processes and scientific norms, with excellent quality awareness;
4, with the job site management capacity and a certain degree of administrative capacity, a strong team leadership and driving force, can be a good analysis of the problem and solve the problem;
5, with a strong organization, communication, coordination.
Job address: Shandong
Interested parties please send your resume to:export@laingbiotec.com

Third, the job name: intermediate sales engineer & nbsp; 2 name
description of job:
    1, engaged in medicine, chemical raw materials, intermediates sales;
    2, responsible for the company's raw materials and pharmaceutical intermediates at home and abroad market development, team formation;
    3, to complete the specified product market research report

  Job requirements:
    1, engaged in pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates professional marketing more than 2 years work experience, pharmaceutical or chemical professional college or higher preferred admission;
    2, have a certain foreign trade business experience, can reply to foreign inquiry.
    3, business awareness, to capture business opportunities, to collect and feedback when the market information, to independently promote the promotion of products and projects;
    4, strong sense of service, good at establishing a good customer relationship.
    5, outgoing, good at communication, the courage to challenge, a team spirit.
Interested parties please send your resume to:export@laingbiotec.com