Analysis on the Current Situation and Industry Development Trend of Chinese Synthetic Materials in 2016

   According to the national bureau of statistics of China's 90 after the number up to 211 million, accounting for 15.4% of the population, with 90 after China labor population is rising, means that is gradually becoming the main consumption after 90, huge population and advanced concept of consumption possess huge spending power. After 90 people consumption concept level rise as the excellent new chemical fiber product has brought broad market opportunities. A, resin and synthetic resin market situation and development trend of industry analysis In 2014 China's total synthetic resin production reached 69.507 million tons. Among them, the polyethylene 13.366 million tons, up 13.8%; Polypropylene, 13.739 million tons, up 10.2%; Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) 16.296 million tons, 6.5% growth, polystyrene material 2.114 million tons, up 0.5%; ABS production 2.674 million tons, up 10%; The above five general resin production accounted for 69.3% of the total amount of synthetic resin, synthetic resin industry in China in 2014 to achieve the main income of 852.34 billion yuan, an increase of 6.7% over the previous year, a record of the development of the industry. In 2005-2014 China's synthetic resin production charts In the first half of 2010-2015 China synthetic resin industry sales charts In 2014 China's synthetic resin products production pattern Second, fiber, chemical fiber and synthetic fiber market situation and development trend of industry analysis
With the rapid development of China's economy, the textile market demand at home and abroad rapidly expand, has achieved remarkable achievement, for China's textile industry has made outstanding contribution to the development of national economy. Statistics show that: in 2014 China's chemical fiber production is 43.9 million tons, but nearly two years chemical fiber production growth present the downward trend year by year, the growth rate of only 6.7% in 2014, less than one-half of the growth rate of 15.6% in 2010. Is expected in the next few years, China's chemical fiber average annual growth rate will also further slowdown, and lower than the growth rate of GDP.
China's chemical fiber production growth charts in 2009-2014
In 2014 China's chemical fiber production province yield data statistical analysis
Three, modified plastics development space analysis
Modified plastics, refers to the use of filler, enhancement, and blending method was carried out on the general plastics and engineering plastics processing, on the mechanical properties, toughness and flame retardant performance of plastic products. After modification of plastics will have some steel strength, have qualitative light, colorful, easy to shape and a series of advantages. So now the trend of "plastic instead of steel" appeared in many industries, and at this stage to find out a large-scale alternative plastic material is almost impossible. Modification technology in plastics processing equipment, development of mature today, China modified plastic industrial system has been gradually perfected. China shewing modified plastic industrial development has three characteristics.
1, with plastic engineering.
2, high performance processing for engineering plastics.
3, special engineering plastics of low cost.
Modified plastics industry is a typical technological progress and consumption upgrade benefit industry. Its downstream products is also more concentrated in the home appliance, automobile, electric tools and toys and other industries. With cost advantage in labor and other factors of production, China has become the field of manufacturing power, and promote the development of the domestic modified plastics industry; Consumption upgrading of China's car industry, construction and other industries to rapid growth, with the constant improvement of the people on the material performance requirements, China is becoming the world's modified plastics's biggest potential market and the main demand growth momentum, and professional modified plastics manufacturers through technological progress to meet the growing demand, broad development space.